A Simple Guide To Vedic Astrology

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans written by Al Aseervatham
Publisher: LuLu
© January 2017

The book provides an insight into the basics of Vedic Astrology and guides how to prepare your own birth chart manually. The book is especially useful to those who have tried to understand Vedic Astrology but failed because of their inability to understand the technical terms used. This book attempts to simplify matters for the interested reader. Self-test questions and Crossword puzzle at the end of the book would help enhance the learning!


Aloysius has pursued astrology as a hobby for a long time and he enjoyed researching this intriguing subject. In his retirement he continues to publish books, including this text on the basics of Vedic Astrology. He believes that this book on astrology, written with his extensive teaching and life experience, will assist those interested in preparing their birth charts manually.


Available in paperback from LuLu. E-book is coming soon.



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