Star Force on Human Life -Co-authored

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans written by Al Aseervatham
Publisher: Xlibris
© 2013

Planets in the cosmos affect the lives on earth; we know that all forms of life on earth are made up of building blocks from planets around the earth. Essentially, these planets therefore exert their control, on the lives of human beings on earth. 

These planets send electromagnetic radiation and rays to earth, both weak and strong which demonstrates one aspect of their ability to influence lives. Human beings are continuing to understand these effects through many years of analytical work and case studies which is the basis of astrology.


When and how, the planets affect our lives can be understood to a certain extent, through the knowledge of astrology.

This book does not cover all aspects of astrology to practice as an astrologer. People with limited or no knowledge of astrology trying to understand astrological jargons and predictions, will find this book useful in understanding the basics of astrology; yet, it also provides an interesting read for those who have never been previously exposed to astrology.