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Dr. Raj Aseervatham

Dr Raj Aseervatham
Raj Aseervatham - Consulting Firm

You're the Boss: Growing and Selling a Successful Consulting Firm

Publisher:  Productivity Press 
© 2016

Dr. Raj Aseervatham is AL Aseervatham's elder son.


Raj has more than 30 years’ experience in government, private industry, and consulting. He has worked across a broad range of sectors in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He earned four degrees, including a PhD in engineering, and an MBA majoring in international projects.

In his consulting career, he has established multinational consulting sectors for one of the world’s largest consulting firms, started and grown three successful consulting enterprises, and provided strategic direction and governance on the boards of various organizations.

This book has no magic formula for growing a successful consulting firm, but the few most important factors you must know are critical regardless of the type of consulting firm you are trying to grow. With leadership, diligence, discipline, and sustained effort, these principles can help you achieve your most visionary business aspirations.

If you entered consulting to make a quick dollar, or to supplement your income, this book won’t offer you much. If, instead, you are hoping to create a sustainable enterprise that accumulates value you can capitalize on, then this is the book for you.


Les Aseervatham (B Eng Chemical, B Ed, Grad. Dip. IT)

Les Aseervatham
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The Young Scholar series ( Co-authored )

Publisher: AL Aseervatham
© 2008

Les Aseervatham is AL Aseervatham's youngest son.


Les Aseervatham (B Eng. Chemical, B Ed, Grad. Dip. IT) has been a teacher in Queensland for over 15 years, predominantly in the mathematics and science streams. He started at the  academically focused John Paul College and is continuing at the  famed Somerville Girls’ College in Brisbane. As a teacher, his innovative teaching methods, aimed at stimulating the interest and enthusiasm of young scholars, have set new benchmarks for classroom participation.


Les develops teaching software in the field of mathematics for young scholars, both to enhance classroom participation in developing skill and accuracy, and to provide home-based support for increasing the mathematical aptitude of students.


The Young Scholar series benefits from Les's personal teaching belief that an engaged young mind learns quickly and efficiently. It focuses on his view that the learning process should comprise structured, subtle challenges that keep a young mind stretching gently to its potential, and that learning should be a rewarding, happy and sustainable part of a young scholar's lifestyle.