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Dr. Raj Aseervatham

Dr. Raj Aseervatham is Al Aseervatham's oldest son. He is the author of two business books published by Productivity Press and Routledge Publishing.


Raj has more than 30 years’ experience in private industry and consulting, as well as some early government experience. He has worked across a broad range of sectors in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. His qualifications include a Ph.D. in engineering and an MBA majoring in international projects. He is a professional non-executive board director and consultant, with a governance focus on authentic, ethical, societally-relevant business leadership driving profitable, effective, and sustainable organisational outcomes.

Raj Aseervatham - Consulting Firm

You're the Boss: Growing and Selling a Successful Consulting Firm

Publisher:  Productivity Press 
© 2016

This book details the strategies essential to growing a consulting firm from the ground up, to a sizeable asset with a significant market value, with the intention of selling it as a going concern. It is based on the author’s own experience in growing a multinational consulting firm from its humble beginnings with a laptop in a coffee shop and enhanced by the experiences of dozens of other successful business entrepreneurs. It includes a financial growth model developed by the author that triggers cues to growth for those relatively unfamiliar with entrepreneurial business expansion, and insights into growing an enterprise that will be far greater in potency than you, its leader. The author narrates the insights in a warm and relatable style, steering the reader from inception to potentially early retirement.

Leading Tomorrow: How Effective Leaders Change Paradigms, Build Responsible Brands, and Transform Employees

Publisher: Routledge CRC Press
© 2021

This book examines what it takes for the business leaders of tomorrow to meet rapidly evolving societal expectations. As investors, customers, employees, communities, and governments begin to re-imagine how successful organisations should behave, tomorrow’s leaders are being called to meet newer, and higher, levels of accountability. Tracing the evolution of societal expectations, catalysed by factors such as the spectre of climate change, the ascendancy of human rights, and the rise of social media and societal interconnectivity, the narrative illustrates the trajectory that our societal ecosystem is already mapping out for us.  This book guides the reader through the reasons why change is inescapable, and how successful leaders might ignite the cultural transformation in themselves, their employees, and their organisations to keep their institutions relevant and valuable to society today and tomorrow.