Al’s father and his works

M. V. Aseervatham

M V Aseervatham

About M. V. Aseervatham and his works

Al’s father, popularly known as ‘Aseervatham Master’ was an out of the ordinary vernacular teacher in Jaffna. He contributed greatly to the Catholic community in which he lived. He was a proactive member of a number of religious and charity committees of the local church and led crossword competitions to enhance the people’s religious and general knowledge.


He was always in contact with the people as he was one of the few JP’s appointed to serve the masses in the area where he lived. For a few years he published a local magazine titled “Viveki” at an affordable price which provided great joy for the people then. His contribution to the education of Sri Lankan Tamil children is admirable.


He was the author of the popular “Graduated Arithmetic Series” which was used in most Sri Lankan schools during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

His Arithmetic books include:

  • Books 2 – 8 for standards 2 to 8

  • Exercises for Middle Forms

  • Exercises for Higher Examinations (in three languages Tamil, English and Sinhalese)


Other books include:

  • Payilunthamil (பயிலுந் தமிழ்) – school Tamil text book

  • Sothida Thiravukohl (an introduction to Astrology)

  • The Revelation of Jesus (a religious book)

  • Naattukooththu – (A folk art) – A translation of Shakespeare’s play AS YOU LIKE IT which he called “Manampol Maankalyam” (a DVD produced when the play was staged in Canada by Samson Group at AL’s request is available from AL for free)

In order to print all his books Aseervatham Master had his own printing press in Jaffna – Aseervatham Press. He also helped a number of authors to publish their books for a reasonable cost making virtually no profit for himself.

Al is proud that he studied a couple of his father’s books and also used them in his classes while he was a teacher in Sri Lanka.