Living Out The Plan

Living out.jpg
Publisher: Aloysius Aseervatham
© 2021

For many decades, Jasmine had been the backbone of the household. When she was diagnosed with potentially terminal leukaemia, she calmly told her husband Al “Our lives progressed for the past forty years following His perfect plan. We have to gracefully accept His plan to take me away from you at this stage. He will send you all the help you need to fulfil the rest of His plan for you. I have given you three good sons who will protect you like angels.
I will wait for you to join me when you have finished all what you would like to
accomplish in this world.”

This is a true story of a teacher. It highlights his early easy-going years, his
trials and his triumphs. It charts his time teaching in a number of overseas countries, his career transformation, and his attempt to put all his life’s knowledge into books for the benefit of future generations of students.