Jasmine's Tamil Kitchen

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans written by Al Aseervatham
Publisher: Lulu
© 2015

“Jasmine’s Tamil Kitchen” is the expression of his culinary journey which commenced when Jasmine became ill, and it gradually became impossible to deny the likely future – a single man with no prior skills coping the most basic need to provide food for oneself.

Jasmine ignited his passion for cooking during their last days together, and years later Al has collaborated with many other Sri Lankan women, who have been part of his life for up to 70 years, to create a collection of recipes. These are not ordinary recipes; they are tried, tested and refined recipes. They form the sum total of most, if not all, Tamil Sri Lankans’ memory of soul food.

Al invites you to experience what he has discovered - there is no magic involved in producing these wonderful Tamil dishes, and yet there is magic when the end result is shared with those around you.

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