In memory of Jasmine Aseervatham

18th Jan 1944 - 13th Feb 2006

Beloved wife of Aloysius and proud mother of Raj, Ratna and Yogi


“As you watch over us, see nether the sadness nor the void in our hearts See instead the joy you have brought into our lives”

Words and music by Raj Aseervatham (2017)



Memories etched in the best part of me

Rhymes that taught me ABC

Sights and sounds echo

As I think of long ago

A feeling I'll keep close for all my years

The way you soothed our fears

Words and touch rewind

In the depths of my mind


You kept us safe in every strange land

Your strength I did not understand

Mama your faith kept you strong

In places you did not belong

I forget how many ways you showed your love

Like grace from God above

And no, I don't want them to fade

The memories that we once made




So stay

In this house built of the past

With memories of you that last

And you could be here, every day

So stay


And I think of our time together

And I often ask myself whether

We made enough memories

Finished enough stories

Built enough rooms with your smile

To live in for a while

To share with each other

And remember our mother


Chorus x 2