JAFFNA - painful past to promising future

Publisher: LuLu
© August 2018

This book contains interesting articles and touching memoirs that include Jaffna's rich history and geography, changing values and attitudes of Jaffna people, the role of the Tamil diaspora, a recipe for the region's prosperity, a pragmatic approach for peaceful co-existence etc. This book is strictly non-partisan and undoubtedly non -political.


This book has been authored by Aloysius J. Aseervatham (Brisbane, Australia) and Anton X. Rajinthrakumar (Toronto, Canada). Both authors were born and raised in Jaffna, and this a must-read book especially for every diaspora Tamil family as well as other voracious readers. 


Song: Thamizhan Thavippu

singer: Anjelli Soosapilla

Music: Kavie Soosapilla ( Music Copy: Vellaipookal by AR Rahuman )

Composer: Aloysius J Aseervatham



Aloysius J. Aseervatham email address: aseer@bigpond.com

Anton X. Rajinthrakumar email address: rajixa@rogers.com