A Simple Guide To Learning English Through Tamil ​

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans written by Al Aseervatham
Publisher: Xlibris
© 2017

This book, A Simple Guide to Learning English Through Tamil is written to help Tamil-speaking communities with little or no exposure to English. This category of Tamils who left their home countries and migrated to English-speaking countries like England, Australia, and Canada are bound to experience difficulties mingling with the locals because of the language barrier. They could also be finding it hard to secure jobs suited to their education and skills because of the lack of a working knowledge of English.


The lessons in the book are designed to provide an easy insight into the basic nature of the English language. If the exercises in each lesson are completed diligently and with enthusiasm, the reader can expect to converse fluently in English in a few months.


The students in the Tamil-speaking areas of countries where English is only taught as a second language would also benefit immensely by using this book.