A Simple Guide To Spoken Tamil 

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans written by Al Aseervatham
Publisher: Xlibris
© 2011

"Aloysius Aseervatham is an author of several books on Mathematics and Accounting. His interest in writing books on Sri Lankan languages (Sinhalese and Tamil) speaks for his love for his country of origin.

He has taught in countries which include Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia and Australia.

This book “A Simple Guide to Spoken Tamil” will be helpful to many; to second and third generation Sri Lankans and South Indians living abroad wishing to be in touch with their mother tongue, and to tourists visiting the island of paradise."

Avaliable in ebook and paperback from Xlibris and Amazon.

A CD is available from the author (info@aseer.com.au). The CD is structured to help pronounce the words properly.